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You know that feeling when you’re playing a video game and the action just isn’t clicking? When everything is happening as it should, but you can’t seem to make your character do anything but stand there? When every attack seems to be met with an equal and opposite response? That’s what happens when you reach gamebreaking “lags”. Lags are framerate hiccups that occur when the game cannot keep up its frame rate or smooth out its transition between screens. They may be subtle, such as a choppy frame rate that only becomes apparent in certain areas of the game, or they may be more pronounced, such as a constant lagging framerate that causes your character to walk awkwardly or look stiffly from one side of the screen to another. As frustrating as it can be, lag has both a cause and a solution. 

You are a traffic rider, and you have to go through the same routine every day. You get up, you make your way to work on your bike. You check in with your colleagues and you start the routine which has become one of the most exciting parts of your week. What will happen if you take that routine a step further? What if you could have even more fun than just getting from A to B? 

Wanna be a Traffic Rider Legend? Have you ever wanted to become a biker gang member while dodging speeding cars and beating the crap out of opposing bikers? Do you like action games and want to boost your motorbike skills while being able to swerve, jump, and crash into other vehicles? 

How To Play Traffic Rider Legend

Instruction Keyboard controls: W = Move forward (Throttle) S = Brake A = Move Left D = Move Right Escape = Pause Left Shift = Wheelie Space = Horn

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