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The third game of the Skyride series. This time you have to work with three other skydivers to make it to a certain location, which is painted with blue paint and therefore Steal the blue paint. You can use the Blue Striker Helmet (seen on helmet) or any skydiving helmet. The best one works best. However you can use this even if you do not have a skydiving helmet. Blue Striker Ski-Lifts: These are ski lifts that take you up into the air in order to get your skydive off easier or higher. There are 3 different types of skylifts in this game: manual (or human powered), electric and paraglider. Manual lifts appear as ordinary ordinary ladders that you climb up while wearing skis (ski-lift). Electric lifts are simply special ladders that shoot out electric cables that propel you into the sky when you step on them (paraglider). Paragliders appear as ordinary regular ladders, but without any moving parts - just a pair of wings for flying! So how do you choose? Try all 3 at once and see what works best for YOU! Do remember though, not all paragliders look alike - so check out the description carefully before setting foot on one of these

3d sky bike stunt game. More than 100 stunts to perform in this stunning 3D action bike racing game! Practice your skills and show the world what you’ve got with these spectacular stunts. Try to become a real champion on the circuit and prove to everyone that you are the best biker in town! Use your skills, skill upgrades and tricks to dominate each track. You may be fast, but we have even faster racers waiting for you at the next race. Ride as fast as you can, perform all of your stunts and win races. Have fun! Controls: Use your mouse to

The world of BMX is getting an all-new extreme sport with the introduction of the Sky Bike Stunt 3d. The game has you and up to 3 other riders taking on crazy, adrenaline-pumping stunts on a variety of custom-built, high-performance BMX bikes. Race against the clock and perform tricks to earn points and complete a set amount of stunt runs for a chance to become the next BMX World

How To Play Sky Bike Stunt 3D

Using Mouse

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