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You wake up in a small room on the outskirts of an old stone village. The walls are covered with cobwebs and everything is very quiet. You see that there's a bike hanging up against the wall, next to a dusty helmet. The controls are simple - just point and click to cycle! Does this mean you’ve found your way home? Well, yes and no. As this isn’t your real home it doesn’t necessarily follow that you can return there. There are many roads that lead away from here and the high-alitude setting may well be perfect for another life – but not for this one. On the plus side, your interrupted childhood does have one obvious advantage: you’re no longer afraid of the dark! So shine on little Honda, you can no longer turn back now that you know where your path takes you. But before you start pedalling towards tomorrow, check out these helpful tips for getting started (and staying

A motorcycle racer must always keep his eyes on the road and the competition. But when the danger is real and other racers are willing to kill for a top spot, it’s not enough to focus on your racing. You need to be able to see past the danger and hit your targets with precision. Welcome to Moto Racer 2020, an adventure game about motorbike racing in a video-game world gone crazy. Choose from four different characters, each with their own weapons, abilities and style of driving, then take on your competitors in various single-player or multiplayer modes. Each character has its own upgradeable bike, from beginner to expert, which you can access at any time during races. Use whatever combination of skills and weapon types that work best for you and get ready to

You are a motorcycle racer, and you have been selected to race in the most difficult race on Earth. You will have to master new tracks, vehicles and strategies in this brutal competition. But watch out! The other racers are also experienced moto riders with years of racing experience. They will stop at nothing to win this competition – even if it means destroying everything around them. You have just got started in this adventure game called ‘Moto Racer

How To Play Highway Bike Traffic Moto Racer 2020

Using Mouse

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