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In the motorcycle game Stunt Bike Draw, you must draw obstacles for the daredevil to drive over rather than directly operating the motorcycle. This drawing game has straightforward controls, decent graphics, and difficult gameplay.

Drawing ramps that will enable the daredevil to safely jump over obstacles is the goal of stunt bike drawing. I suggest playing the low difficulty setting if this is your first time playing this drawing game. The levels are the same regardless of difficulty level, but on easier difficulty levels, you have more lives to finish each level. You will lose a life and have to attempt again if the driver is unable to successfully complete the jump. The battle is over once every life has been lost.

Stunt Bike Draw has straightforward mouse movements. Draw parts of a ramp by clicking and dragging. To pan the camera, use the left and right button keys. Click the "Go" button in the upper-left area of the screen once you have completed drawing your ramp to start the biker moving.

You must start over when you fail this stunt bike draw because your previous route is cleared. In this drawing game, unsuccessful attempts are indicated by dotted lines so that you can either learn from your errors or keep the parts that seemed to work while changing others.

How To Play Stunt Bike Draw

Using Mouse

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