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An adrenaline pumping chase across the city! With one life to live, you’ll need to use your wits as well as your vehicle in this fast-paced game. Drive a motorcycle from point A to point B as fast and as safely as possible while avoiding obstacles in your way. You have just under an hour to complete the race. at has been given to you.

It's a fantastic action and driving game called Police Chase Motorbike Driver. To keep the city safe, your goal is to complete every mission that has been given to you.

In this game, you take on the role of a police officer tasked with preserving city safety and eradicating dangers. To gather missions and complete them within a set amount of time, move throughout the city. Don't be afraid to face the offenders. Aim precisely and take them all out. Chase their cars on your motorcycle while escorting the president. If your motorcycle runs out of petrol, refuel it. After a conflict, you could feel weary; in that case, eat hamburgers to restore your vitality. Additionally, you must act quickly to locate the repair column if your motorcycle is broken.

How To Play Police Chase Motorbike Driver

Using Mouse

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