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The most thrilling adrenaline rush you can get without getting your heart pumping on a roller coaster! Ride a motorcycle through a series of tight, twisty hills at high speed. The further you go, the more difficult the course gets. Make the perfect turns and jump over the potholes in order to reach the finish line first … or lose control and crash into some oncoming traffic. This is an intense, yet completely safe game where your life and that of every road user are always in yourself with free-roaming mode for a bit more fun and try to clear as many levels as possible.

Do you love adrenaline rush and doing everything in your power to conquer the hillclimb? If you do, Hill Climb Moto is the game for you. In this thrilling motorcycle racing experience, you take on the role of a rider who has been gifted with prodigious driving skills and natural talent for racing. Racer within You control your character’s speed, handling and braking to get the edge on the competition.

Are you ready to challenge yourself and get your motorbike racing skills on? Get ready to race like never before with Hill Climb Moto, a thrilling 2D arcade adventure game from Freeze Nova! Build the most powerful bike engine by mastering the stunning 9 different motorbikes in this adrenaline pumping game. Drive through four unique stages, each with their own physics-based obstacles.

How To Play Hill Climb Moto

Using Mouse

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