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This game is so much fun you'll want to play it again and again. Be the best dirt bike rider in the world by staying on track, staying ahead of the competition and collecting as many stars as you can! Dirt Bike Motocross is a 3D motorcycle gaming with simple controls but intense just have to master all 5 different bike handling techniques to become the ultimate motocross rider. Are you up for the challenge? This game is an online multiplayer racing game where you compete against other players on mud-covered tracks. You should focus on using your motorcycle's handling skills, not speed or power - the correct technique will take you from beginner to master racer in no time! Use your ← → arrow keys to control your acrobatic bike, and use ↑↓ keys to turn your direction. To accelerate, press ↑, and to brake, press ↓. When a star appears above your head, that means you've taken out another rider - this will also increase your score. 

Motocross is a motorcycle game that was released in early 2005. Motocross is based on the simple principle of overtaking other riders by means of either speed, trickery or both. You can play it alone against computer or human players — or even a combined human-computer challenge. In Motocross, you will perform tricks and races on various types of dirt bikes. Choose between multiple difficulty levels and a variety of bikes to master them all with different properties and characteristics.

Dirt Bike Motocross is a fun and challenging game. The objective of the game is to reach the finish line. You must perform tricks on your dirt bike to pass other players and advance in the race. Use your arrow keys to drive, space bar to make a flip, M for manual gear change, left arrow key for acceleration and right arrow key for deceleration. 

How To Play Dirt Bike MotoCross

Using Mouse

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