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Crime Moto Racer is famous for his chopper motorcycle. Now, you can drive an authentic Harley-Davidson racer vehicle in this 3D motocross game. The story begins a decade ago … One hot summer day, a mysterious figure rides into town and starts wreaking havoc on the local motocross circuit. He calls himself The Rider and he doesn’t give a damn about anybody or anything except himself. The local cops think he’s up to no good, so they put out an all-points bulletin … And that’s when you come in to save the day! Drive your motorcycle as fast as you can through the various tracks and races to stop The Rider from destroying everything. Use the arrow keys to drive and the up and down arrow keys to swap between bikes. 

Crime Moto Racer is a fun little 3D motorcycle racing game where you get to control one of three different racers by tilting your phone. Choose your favourite tracks and get ready to go racing! There are various bikes and motors available in the game, which ones are the best for racing? The three racers that you can choose from are as follows: - Moto Racer - Racing on realistic dirt bike races with various obstacles and cars. - Moto GP - A very simple dirtbike game that lets you race against other players. 

Get ready for a whole new way to experience street racing with Moto Racer 3D! Use your innovative intuitive GPS tracking system and put the pedal to the metal in this adrenaline pumping, virtual reality track riding arcade racer. You drive a motorcycle through 3-D tracks, driving at high speeds and keeping your eyes on the road. 

How To Play Crime Moto Racer

Using Mouse

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