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Motocross Hero is an arcade racing game developed by Codemasters and PSS in partnership with the MotoGP & ChickTech companies. You assume the role of a motorcycle rider who is fighting for position on a race track to become the first rider to complete 200 mph (322 km/h). The objective of the game is to get as far as possible in each lap, playing against the clock. You start out with two bikes and earn points for a variety of different races and events throughout the entire game. However, once you reach a certain level you are able to unlock further bike colors and other tracks, which makes it more challenging because you can’t just go out and buy any old bike! The graphics are simple yet effective, with everything being rendered in 3D with smooth animation. The soundtrack fits right into the action, with classic rock music playing during most races and high-intensity music during intense parts of the race. The controls are easy to learn but can be difficult at times because they take some getting used to: you basically just point and shoot at your opponents without much control over direction or acceleration like in most racing games. 

Motocross Hero is a turn-based racing game with high quality graphics, original soundtrack and authentic physics engine. The game features 16 adrenaline-pumping car races around challenging circuits, with each track having its own unique challenges. You have your turbocharged Mazda MX5 Spec E in the sub-1:20 class, or you can take on the dirt tracks in the NOSMO 600cc Supercross category. 


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Key Features - Sports based MXGP motorcross theme - Arrow keys/keyboard controls for desktop version - Touch controls for mobile version - Endless race. Score as many points as you can with 3 lives. Instruction Race your dirt bike. Avoid obstacles and knock out your opponents.

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