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You are a Ducati 760 Panigale motorbike enthusiast and the number one rival of your colleague Trevor. Your goal is to beat him on everything … But what if you’re not the only one that can do it? Let’s say you have a puzzle hidden from view and you have to figure out where it is before your rival does. Then guess where the bike would be positioned without being able to see it… If you still can’t figure it out, that’s where the competition starts to get tricky! You have just got to place them (and their bikes) in such a way that will give you an advantage over your fellow riders. 

The Ducati Panigale Puzzle is an all-new motorcycle created specifically for running on rails. It is a sport bike that can also be used off-roading, and its lightweight construction makes it perfect for tearing around the fairways of golf courses. The Panigale is available in three different versions: the standard, which has a air-cooled Desigual V-twin; the Scrambler, which has a liquid-cooled Desigual V-twin; and the Super Cromo, which is equipped with a parallel hybrid setup. 

Everyone knows that a motorcycle is a machine designed to go fast. But what if the term “motorcycle” was redefined to mean something more? What if it meant a motorbike with an aluminum frame, fiberglass wheels and a nakedait that is not decorated in either black or orange? The Panigale has all of these characteristics, so much so that it can be described as both a sport bike and an enduro bike. 

How To Play Ducati Panigale Puzzle

Using Mouse

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